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I personally have found it to be very difficult to write down everything I eat in a journal.  For some people it works for them, but for me... I absolutely write nothing down. Sad I know :( The good news is I love using my iPhone to jot down what I have eaten and how much I have exercised throughout the day. I am on my phone most of the time because I work on it to do my job, so why not use it to help me with losing weight.  

My job told me about this amazing application called Lose it.  It can be found in the Apple App Store, and also in the Google Play Store.  I found it to be very helpful when it comes to logging what I eat, monitoring the amount of calories I take in and also burn. The best feature to me is the scanner which allows me to scan the different foods I eat using the barcode on the product.  When I do this, it automatically pulls up the amount of calories, grams of fat and carbs that it contains.  Pretty awesome right? If you are interested in downloading this app, simply click the links below that will take you to each store to download the app.

Download Lose It App: Apple Heads
Download Lose It App: Droid Heads

I also created a new Group in the Lose it App you can join.  You can join my group by searching for "Team Tiffany Rose" by tapping Community in the menu bar, and tap find a group in the left column under Groups. 

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