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A Personal Letter to Donors

My name is Tiffany Rose Belcher.  I am the CEO and Founder of Queen Tiffany Rose Foundation Inc. We are a non-profit organization with a 501(C)(3) currently active. Our organization has been doing social service since 2016.  We believe in serving individuals from all backgrounds, in order to provide quality education in the area of Arts. We support underprivileged individuals to be able to have an opportunity to learn and experience the passion of Art Therapy in their youth. 

Queen Tiffany Rose Foundation Inc. is requesting donations to be able to continue funding education to individuals from different backgrounds who do not have the opportunity to be exposed to the performing arts. Funds are used to purchase art supplies, books, school supplies, pay staff, field trips, scholarships, art lessons, transportation, building, and a host of many other things to be able to allow students to enjoy and learn about the Arts. 

Donations made to Queen Tiffany Rose Foundation are tax deductible.  Please speak with your tax examiner/agent if you have questions on how to claim this as a tax deduction for the year. 

Please make payments out to Tiffany Rose Belcher.

250 Piedmont Street NW Suite 1608 Atlanta, GA 30308

We also accept PayPal, Debit or Credit Card at 

 Cash App $Queentiffanyroses

The donation that you have given will be spent entirely on the improvement of providing quality education in the area of performing arts for youth. Your donation will be used for a noble cause to help provide students with the necessary tools to have a quality education. 

For more information please call 336-864-1333


Tiffany Rose Belcher, BA, M.Sci.

CEO and Founder of Queen Tiffany Rose Foundation Inc.


“To educate and nurture healthy transformations in the lives of individuals by focusing on mind, body, spirit, and emotions. ”

— Tiffany Rose

Queen Tiffany Rose Foundation Inc. Is a non-profit public charity 501-C3 organization.