Who is King? Vol 3

You name it, and they were playing it.  It was as if the DJ knew Richard and Queen were finally together and they were about to make some magic happen tonight.  I massaged that man from the top of his head down to the soles of his feet. I even got in between his toes.  Now that’s love, because I don’t touch no man’s feet, but I touched his that night.  For every place I massage on his body, I made sure to kiss every spot.  I loved pleasing him, and I could tell he was enjoying it because the more I kissed, licked, and nibbled, the more his moans increased, and body began to quiver.   

When I was done massaging his backside, I asked him to turn over so I could do the front side of him. That is where it got tough for me.  Why did I ask him to turn over? At that point, his soldier was at full attention, and you could tell he was stimulated.  Even behind the boxers, his soldier was fighting to introduce his self to me.  To try to resist the temptation of taking a sneak peek of how much ammunition he was hiding behind those navy-blue Calvin Klein’s, I climbed off the bed and kneeled on the floor.  I kneeled right by his head that was lying near the edge of the bed facing the green chair he was previously relaxing in.   

I then began to scratch his scalp softly with my nails.  I loved his hair.  He had the softest curls I ever felt; it felt just like a newborns hair.  I continued to softly and gently rubbed the temples of his head to unwind him and get him to compose himself downstairs too.  I kneeled up and began kissing him on his forehead, and then I began to kiss his lips.  If you can imagine Spider-Man hanging upside down from his spider web and kissing Mary Jane, that was how I kissed my Richard.  I loved kissing him, and I made sure I did it very slowly so I could remember what his lips felt like against mine.  His lips had the perfect shape; they were dark brown, and when he smiled it made my heart melt.  With that smile, he could get whatever he wanted.  I loved even his teeth; they were straight, white, and bright. Anytime I looked at his lips, I had to taste them.   

Once I was done massaging his head, I climbed back onto the bed and began rubbing his chest, abs, and arms. I confirm that he was very muscular even though he was slim.  I wanted my hands to be all over him, even my lips. I wanted to be able to know there was not a spot on him that my fingertips and lips did not touch. While I was massaging his chest, I decided to straddle him. I wanted him to imagine me on top of him riding him nice and slow, but without me physically doing it.  I did not place my pussy on his dick, but I did set it right on his waist near his belly button.  I made sure I did not put all my weight on him, but on my knees so I felt light to him.  In my mind, I was still insecure about my weight and what he could handle, so I tried to make myself feel as light as possible on him. As time went on with me massaging and bending over to kiss his soft lips, my thighs began to burn, and my knees started to hurt.  I knew I had some meat on my bones, and I knew my knees had limitations to them.  My knees were giving out, and it was time to change positions.   

I next sat on the side of him and grabbed his right hand.  I began to massage his hand gently and caress the tips of his fingers with my lips. I noticed his eyes had slowly opened when my lips touched his fingers out of pure curiosity and excitement I believe.  I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I decided to take it a step further and place his forefinger in between my lips still slightly tinted with the ruby red lipstick I wore earlier and welcomed it with the wetness of my juicy tongue.  He bit his lip and moaned at the sight of seeing his finger inside of my mouth. I began to move my mouth up and down slowly against his finger allowing it to get nice and wet before I moved to the next finger. With every finger, I kissed, licked, and sucked as if it was his dick so that he could see I was not an amateur, but I was the real deal when it came to pleasure.   

When I finished his right hand, I moved over to his left hand and started with his thumb and continued to suck and kiss each finger until I got to his ring finger.  When I got to the ring finger, I paused.  I looked at it and saw it was bare, with nothing there.  I couldn’t help but feel a sense of sadness but hope at the same time as I held his hand in mine.  I was sad because I was unsure if I would ever be able to place a ring on his hand to be my husband, because of what I was doing at this very moment with him.  However, I had a sense of hope that what I was doing to him could be one of the reasons why he would want to be my husband someday; possibly because I was taking the time to pleasure and cater to him in more ways than one.  Maybe this would have meant something to him.   

I had no idea as for how to win him over, all I knew to do was what I thought would work, treat him like a king as if he is the only man that matters in this world. I wanted to memorize his body.  I tried to remember each mark, blemish, tattoo, or scar on him because I wanted him to be mine forever.  I wanted to be able to identify with what was mine and mark him as my own for no one else to have.  I wanted him and only him, and in my mind perhaps if I gave him my entire being, my heart, and my spirit, that somehow in some unknown supernatural way my soul will be connected to his, and his connected to mine.  I didn’t know if what I was doing will work, but I had to give it my all because I knew what I wanted, and I wanted him to be mine forever.   

I lifted his ring finger to my lips and softly placed my lips on it.  More softly then I did on any other finger on each of his beautiful, strong, gifted, musical composing hands.  As my lips embraced his ring finger, I closed my eyes, bowed my head and spoke a short silent prayer to God.  “God please let this be my King.  I love him, and I want to please him and make him proud of me.  He inspires me, and I want him to lead me.  If what I am doing is wrong forgive me and have mercy on me.  At this point, all I know to do is to trust my heart, and my heart right now wants him to be with me forever.  I want to be his Queen. Don’t let him hurt me as the rest have done.  Please.  

I opened my eyes, and there I saw a gold ring on it with a red ruby jewel that was fitted onto the very finger my lips were kissing. I then looked up to now see my King, whose eyes now looked passionately at mine with such excitement and thrill to finally see me once again. I lifted my lips from his ruby ring and opened my mouth slowly and slid his entire finger into my mouth and sucked off the ruby ring that was on it.  I lifted my ring finger and slipped the ring on it using only my mouth and tongue. “I’ve missed you, King,” I whispered to him.    

I placed his ring finger back into my mouth and moved it down towards the back of my throat and began to gag.  King’s fetish was hearing and seeing me gag trying to fit all of him down my throat.  As I began to move his ring finger faster in out of my throat, I began to salivate more onto his hands, and it began to run down my lips and chin down towards the base of my neck where my gold necklace elegantly draped on my chest with the sky Goddess Nut rested.  His eyes open wide with excitement, and he began to moan out the words “yes…yes… … yessss”! I knew at that moment I had him right where I wanted him.  I removed his finger slowly from the back of my throat, out towards the tip of my lips and began to lick and suck the excess juices that had dribbled down his big hand.  When I was done, I climbed from being on top of him and sat on his left side.  I reached down towards my sheer red dress, which was made of byssus the finest silk in Egypt and lifted it from my thighs to dab my lips and neck with it.  As I was drying myself, I glared at him with hunger in my eyes as he lay there looking up at me with such anticipation wondering what I was about to do next.   

I began to whisper out each letter in my name as I slowly traced them on the front part of his thigh with my red sharp stiletto nails.  Q-U-E-E-N.  The closer I got to that N the more his sword got harder and harder, which was bulging, through his linen undergarment. I knew he couldn’t control it because of how I was caressing him. The more he rose his sword, the more curious I got to wanting how big this King's sword really was.  In my mind, I was going back and forth asking myself should I stop now and tell him to leave my chambers or should I finish what I started.  I knew King was peaking at me to see what my face was saying, and I was trying so hard to hide my facial expressions behind my hair, which was covering the sides of my face.  

Why the hell not? I’m just going to take a peak; it’s not like I’m going to fuck him tonight.  I already made my decision about that.  I slowly moved my hand from his thigh towards the top of his chest and slowly glided my hand down his abs and stopped right when I hit the top of his linen garment.  I maneuvered my nails underneath the thin gold rope that held his clothing in place and untied it. I slowly pulled down his garment to reveal one of the biggest pieces of weaponry I ever saw in my life.  His sword stood up and made a thump right against his belly button.  Right then my eyes got so big, and I gasp while clutching onto the Goddess Nut.   

He smiled and said, “Are you okay?” I slowly said “yes, but you didn’t tell me you had all of this King.  I mean you told me that you were bountiful in more areas than just wealth, but I had no idea that you had all of this."  He then said, “I wanted to surprise you. I don't like bragging, I rather just show you instead.”  As I sat there and admired it, I thought to myself, how the hell this man got all this down here and he is little as hell?  I have had soldiers two, maybe three times his size and they never had anything like this.   "The Gods surely have shown favor upon him in more ways than one," I said.   He then chuckled while gazing at me with a fire still in his eyes.   

I didn’t want to look too foolish just sitting there gazing at it, so I decided to go ahead and touch it.  I slowly reached towards him and felt the tip of it and began caressing it with my fingers.  As I started stroking and massaging it, I could hear him moan more and more. I loved how he sounded when he moaned. The more he groaned, the more I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. His dick looked so delicious in my hands, but I knew we could not fuck.  If I did, that would be the end, and I knew it.  At least not right now.   I wanted to swallow him whole.  I loved giving head. It was my specialty and the best thing I did in the bedroom. I mastered it just like I mastered obtaining everything and everyone I wanted.   

As I softly wrapped my fingers around the shaft of his dick, I slowly leaned forward to kiss the tip of his head.  I lifted my lips back up and kissed it again, and again. Each time I kissed it my lips slowly spreading apart until he felt the wetness of my lips kissing him. I began to swirl my tongue around the tip of his dick slowly while my lips began to wrap themselves around the top part of his shaft. As my tongue swirled, I began to slowly lift my head and lower it back down in a rhythmic motion.  Up and down my head went and round and round my tongue went.  He began to moan a little harder which only encouraged me more to see if he was ready for the next level of ecstasy.  I lifted my head slowly, and then lowered my mouth about halfway down his shaft and began to squeeze the inner parts of my wets cheeks together as if I was sucking a creamsicle.   

His hand reached over to grab the pillow lying next to him and squeezed it trying not to lose control.  The veins in his arms and hands began to flare up and his muscles tensed with each squeeze I did with my mouth, and with each twirl of my tongue. I loosened my hands from around the shaft of his dick, and reached up towards his nipples to squeeze and caress them with the tips of my fingers, all while keeping the rhythm of my mouth going up and down, and around and around.  His legs began to tense and straightened out with toes pointed straight. His abs began to contract each time I lowered my mouth closer and closer to the base of his dick.  I knew at this moment I had him under my spell, and he was all mine; right until my cell phone began to ring...   

I jumped up from the bed wiping my mouth with my hands onto my white button-down shirt and rushed over to grab my phone. The ringing had stopped suddenly, and I saw I had a missed call from my best friend, Stacey.  I laughed to myself and immediately called her back, but the phone just rang with no answer. I hung up and remembered I had Richard lying on the bed.  I turned my head to look back and there he was with his big hard dick laying soaked on his stomach.  I took a deep breath and put my phone back down on the desk. “Sorry,” I said.  I walked back over to the bed where Richard was and sat on the edge where he was lying.   

As I was sitting feeling Richard's eyes pierce into me like what the hell just happened…I heard the song title Happily Ever After by Case playing on the radio that sat on the desk right next to where my phone was laying.  I thought back to the conversation I had with my best friend Stacey, and she was right.  Either I was going to have sex with him, or I was going to give him some head.  But there was no way I was going to walk away without knowing what his dick looked like.  I remembered that I wanted to be married, and I remembered that if I went through with this, I would not have a future with Richard, because of my past experiences with men.   

I looked over to Richard and said, I can’t be doing this.  I shouldn’t be doing this. He lifted his head and asked, “Who is King?” Immediately I looked at Richard as soon as the name left his lips.  I then held my head down and looked at the floor.  My stomach began to churn, and I started to feel scared. Richard then reached up and grabbed my throat with slight firmness and then turned my neck so that he can look deep into my eyes. “Who is King?” he repeated still gripping my throat.   “I don’t know.  I don’t know what you are talking about.” I said.   “Bullshit,” he said. You said, King, right before you were about to start sucking my dick.  Now answer me, who is he, and you better not lie or I will snap your neck right here in this hotel room.”  I was in complete hysteria when he uttered those words from his lips.  From the look and fury in his eyes, I knew he was serious.  I decided to make a wise decision, and just tell him the truth and pray that he would not literally snap my neck in half.   

Slowly and cautiously I said, “Well King… King is someone who appears to me from time to time in my visions and dreams.  He’s not real, but he feels real to me when he comes around.  He only comes to me when I am alone, but I am not sure why he just appeared to me while I am with you.  He’s just someone who comforts me, and I talk to from time to time.  I don’t know why he comes to me, but he just does. It’s nothing like that.  I’m not sleeping with another man.  I swear.”   

Richard then loosened his grip from around my throat and began to caress my lips with his thumb and held my small chin in the palms of his hands.  He laughed lightly.  “What makes you think he is not real Queen?” Richard asked as his big brown eyes went from being furious to now passionate with a look of mystery.  I didn’t know where Richard was trying to get at asking this question, but I didn’t want to make him furious again, so I decided to answer, but wisely this time. “Well he’s not real because I’ve never seen him physically, it’s always been my imagination or in a dream.  He’s always lived in my fantasy world but never in my reality.  So, he can’t be real,” I insisted.   

Richard then sat up from the bed and reached down to grab my now cold little hand and leaned in to kiss it as if I was royalty.  He held his lips to my hand for a few moments and then lifted his lips gently.  His eyes then looked firmly back into mine with such passion and desire as if he was about to burst.  “Queen,” he said as he began to smile showing his beautiful pearly white teeth.  “I…am… King.”  “What?” I said with a look of confusion now upon my frozen face.  Richard said again, “I…am…King.”  “You’re Richard, you’re not King,” I said.  “Stop playing this silly game I don’t like it” I pouted while looking away from him.  Richard then grinned with an eager look in his eye and said, “Oh this is very real Queen.” He began to caress my lips and look at me as if he was full of something that just wanted to come out.  “I like it when you called me King.  I love it to be honest.   I want you to obey everything I command you, and you are only to call me King do you understand?" He said demandingly.    

“No stop this Richard, don’t do this to me,” I said.  “I’m already messed up in the head when it comes to certain things, but this is going too far.  I don’t believe this, and I don’t believe you, so just stop it.  You’re just trying to make me look foolish because of me having fantasies and dreams about someone who isn’t real.”  Richard leaned in to kiss my lips. Did Richard want to roleplay, or was he the King that has been appearing to me in the past when I’m alone in my room?  It felt so real when Richard kissed me.  I saw Richard, but then I saw King.  Was Richard King, and was King Richard? Richard had no idea who King was, of course, he wasn’t King.  All of this was too confusing for me.  

“Queen, you okay?” Richard asked.  I had just gone into my own little world just then, and I had forgotten Richard was even there with me.  “I didn’t mean to drift off like that, I just… I just. It’s hard to explain because I barely understand it myself.  At times, I think I am in reality, but I go into this fantasy world in my mind.  It’s kind of like that show That’s So Raven where she can see the future, but I don’t see the future.  I just envision things that I want to happen or don’t want to happen.  At times when my mind and thoughts go into this fantasy world, it affects my reality because I expect my fantasy world to be my reality when it is not.  I do things that are over the top for some because I get so happy and can’t really control myself.  It’s weird I know, I am sorry.”  I felt like a fool right then, as I sat there looking at the floor.   

Richard grabbed my chin and said “Queen, you don’t have to apologize.  I don’t understand what you are going through or what happens when you go into this fantasy world of yours, but I do know one thing, I like being in your fantasy world.  I love how freaky you get.  That shit turns me on!  I want you to call me King and I want you to take complete control of this dick.”  He softly held my chin and lifted my face towards his, and began to kiss me with the most passionate kiss I ever felt in my entire life.  His lips were so soft and moist, and his tongue was smooth and slippery.  I felt the air sucked out of my body and into his in a split second.  There was no me, and there was no him. It was only oneness wrapped in each other with no separation or space in between.  Gradually he began to pull his lips away from mine allowing air to return into my body, which he had just allowed to fall limply into his strong arms.   

He lifted my chin once more so that my eyes connected with his and then commanded me to finish. “Don’t stop till I cum, do you hear me?” I spoke softly and said yes. I reached my hand over to his dick and firmly grabbed it in my hand and looked at it. I thought to myself, is this really King?  Did I find him?  I climbed myself back onto the bed where he was laying and gripped his dick into the palm of my hands once more.  I stared down at it in amazement as to how thick, long, and enticing it was. I lowered my lips back towards the tip of it and began to kiss it once more, but this time more passionately than before. I wanted to unleash the lioness in me and devour him whole.  I wanted every inch of his dick down my throat nestling perfectly along my wet tongue and juicy red lips.  

The carnivore in me was taking over, as much as I wanted to keep her tame I could no longer hold her. I opened my mouth as wide as I could, slowly moving my hands away from the shaft of his dick and plunged my mouth down to the very base of his big black dick.  King then let out a loud growl as his strong hands gripped the sheets nearly ripping them off the bed.  At that point, I could feel his dick throbbing and moving in my throat. I lifted and gagged causing more spit to ooze down his long shaft even down to his balls, which I nestled right in the palm of my soft hands. I rubbed my hands around his balls caressing and massaging them. While I continue to caress them, I devoured his dick over, and over again down my throat making a gagging noise each time. The more I gagged, the messier it got, and the more he growled and groaned. I lifted my dripping face and looked him in the eyes and said: “Say my name.” He then leaned back and closed his eyes, as if he was trying to avoid saying it. I then gently squeezed his balls and commanded him to say my name.  He then whispered and said “Queen.”  “Say it louder!”  He opened his eyes, looked down towards me and said, “Queen” with a loud grown.  

While his eyes were still locked into mine, I lowered my mouth back down onto his dick and pushed my throat down to the base of it.  I began to squeeze it with my jaws and moving in and out of the back of my throat. I began to go faster, and faster and faster… and opening my mouth to let out a loud gagging noise. Each time I gagged, he said yesss Queen that’s it! Just like that. I said once more “say my name." He then yelled out Queen, Queen. The more he said my name, the faster and tighter my mouth got, and the wetter my throat became.  I enjoyed seeing him squirm in that king size bed under my control, and under my command.  His hand reached over to grab the back of my head and said slow down; I’m going to cum… wait.  I then slapped his hand down from behind my head and continued to go even harder and gagging even more on his dick. “Queen you’re going to make me cum… you want me to cum? You ready he moaned?” I looked into his eyes once more and said, “cum into my mouth, I want to taste all of you. Give it all to me now!”  I pushed his dick back into my throat and began to suck his dick faster while twirling my tongue around it in circular motions… up and down and around I went.  His thighs and the sheets beneath us were soaked with my spit.  I knew I remembered he liked it messy and that’s what I made one big sloppy wet mess. I could feel his legs stretching and tightening which let me know he was about to give me what I had desired to taste for oh so long.  "Here it comes" he groaned.  I quickly said, “say my name!” He then yelled out “Queen, Queen, Queennnn.”  As he yelled my name, I felt the warmness of his cum finally meeting the taste buds on my tongue.  He tasted delicious, absolutely delicious.  It was not bitter, or sour, just delicious and sweet. It was so sweet and yummy I swallowed it and went back for more. I wanted to take the very soul out of him, and I said to myself “Finish Himmmmm.”  I went back down and sucked the last drops that were left there just for me as he begged for me to set him free. 


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