Who is King? Vol 1

When I finally was able to make it back to my bed after our crazy fire alarm adventure, all I could think about was what Rich was up to.  I miss him, and I wish I could talk to him once again, even after all the pain he has caused me.  It’s sad how love can make you so vulnerable and weak to continue to want love and affection from the very person who broke your heart and rejected you. 

As I lay here in the dark, finally in silence, my mind started to go back to the first night I spent with him. The first time I was able to see Rich was back in March. Well not really see him because I first saw him at the fundraising event he was hosting here in Atlanta.  However, this time I was able to meet him face to face, and one on one, alone.  He had another event but in Savannah, Georgia this time. I was so excited that he was coming down. He wanted to see me just as much as I wanted to see him. 

We had been texting back and forth for about four months at this time, and every blue moon he would call me to say hello.  I never called him because I knew his schedule was crazy and he was always flying from city to city. You never know where he was going to be at in a moments notice, so I figured it was better merely to text him.  I didn’t want to call at a wrong time or seem like I was an annoyance or something like that.  I never had an issue with him traveling and being gone all the time, as long as he would call or text me to make sure he was okay or to see what I was up to. 

Rich was sweet, kind, and very flirtatious which made me comfortable being flirty with him from time to time.  I loved when he gave me compliments or say he liked one of my pictures I had posted up on Instagram.  He always made me blush when I knew he was looking.  We were crazy about each other, and we definitely made it known that we wanted each other, and we desired each other badly. 


2/17/16 10:55pm 

Queen: I want to give you a nice bath and wash you myself. Then I want to give you a nice massage so you can relax and rest. Would that be ok? 

Richard: Oh my wow! OK 

Queen: You will enjoy it. 

Richard: Sounds Relaxing. I’ll come to your spot! 

Queen: Awesome! Sounds good to me. What do you like to drink? 

Richard: Jack & Coke or Merlot 

Queen: Cool. I’ll have that waiting for you. 

Richard: xoxo 

Queen: Travel Safely 

The weird thing about Rich is that he wasn’t the type of guy I use to dating.  I mean he was handsome don’t get me wrong, and I was very attracted to him, but he was different from what I used to talk to.  He was not the type of guy I usually bring home to meet mom or consider giving any attention to.   I am used to dating men well over 6 feet tall, like 6’2, 6’6, 6’9.  I like my men built like trees so I could climb up to the top and slide down if you know what I mean. I dated pretty boys, light skin, with rich greenish-brown eyes, with curly wavy hair, and with basketball bodies. You know with the six packs and the v-cut on their waistline. Skin smooth like butter, with a smile that lit up the night and could make any girls heart melt.  I liked my men exceptional, and I loved eye candy.  Just picture the guy Jeremy Meeks…because of his mug shot, this man was offered a modeling contract! A modeling contract off a damn mug shot! Typically mug shots make you look like God knows what, like you just got hit with a bag of dog shit, but not this brother, even at his worst, he was still sexy.  Like really, who gets a modeling contract off a mug shot; Jeremy Meeks that’s who! If you want to know my type, that’s it — not the convict type, but the looks.  However, my Rich is no Jeremy Meeks when it comes to looks, but he somehow still caught my eye and eventually my heart. 



5:34 am- Queen: (Sends a picture of my voluptuous chocolate thighs while I’m lying in my bed.) “Do you think a King would like Hamhocks and Turkey legs? Lol 

5:37 am- Richard: Ummm hmmm  Yes Indeed! So smooth! 

5:38am-Queen: I want you to hold and squeeze me tight. 

5:39am-Richard: Nice Q… Niceeee 

5:39am-Richard: Anxious 

5:40am-Queen: They are so soft.  I might let you touch them while I’m bathing you. 

5:41 am- Richard: Lol Teasing already huh? 

5:42am-Queen: Mmmhmm lol 

5:43am-Queen: Are your lips as soft as my thighs? 

5:44 am Richard: Prob so mama. 

5:45 am Queen: I hope I can find out 


9:06 am- Queen: I need to take a cold shower. 

9:10 am- Richard: Lol Why mama? (Attaches a picture of himself in a Superman shirt.) 

9:11am-Queen: I’m so hornyyyy, and you just made it worst sending me this pic! How did you get to be so handsome? 

9:14 am Richard: Lol thx 

9:17 am Queen: Superman cum rescue your Louis Lane lol 

11:21 am Richard: Muah xoxo 

11:22 am Queen: Muah Big Daddy xoxo, Do your thang tonight! 

11:23 am Richard: Thanks Q 



7:20 pm Queen: Are you ready to see me? 

7:38 pm Richard: Indeed! 

7:39 pm Queen: Me too! 

7:40 pm Queen: Well we only have a few days so it won’t be too long. 

7:41 pm Queen: I decided I was going to stay both days because I need a little time away from home to just chill. I might go to Charleston that weekend too. Probably see my besties. Not sure yet. 

7:53 pm Richard: Oh, cool I hear you, away is necessary. 

7:54 pm Queen: Absolutely! 

7:55 pm Queen: I hope I don’t be nervous when I see you lol 

8:09 pm Richard: Me either after all this talk! LOL 

8:10 pm Queen: I talk a lot of shit, don’t I? lol 

8:11 pm Queen: I will try not to be nervous lol #bashful 

8:11 pm Richard: Yea! No room for that. 

8:12 pm Queen: lol Ok. 

8:49 pm Queen:  Listen to Superman by Tarrus Riley. I thought about this song when I saw that superman pic of you. Lol 

8:54 pm Richard: Oh ok. Hadn’t heard it before. 

8:55 pm: Queen: Really? I’m shocked! Cool.  Do you like reggae at all? 

9:17 pm: Richard: Yeah, but not every day ya know. 

9:18 pm: Queen: Well this lets me know I am going to have to school Mr. Producer on some tunes myself! 

9:19 pm: Richard: Sounds good to me ☺ 

9:22 pm: Queen: Your smile is everything. 

9:23pm: Richard: Lol 

9:24 pm Queen: Sends a picture of a green rose.  Night Night 

9:26 pm Richard: Nice rose. GN Q 



8:28 am Queen: (Sends a picture of a tropical paradise island surrounded by blue crystal clear water.) “Big Daddy, can we go one day?” 

8:32 am Queen: I’ll pay for myself. I want someone to go with me. 

8:48 am Richard: Check you out! Ummm that’s how folks fall in love, places like that! Lol 

8:50 am Queen: Lol ☺ I’ll be good! I promise.  Big Daddy, can you at least think about it? Pretty pleaseeeeee. 

8:53 am Richard: Our schedules as of now are up till June, plus they add as we go, so it’s hard to plan. 

8:53 am: Richard: Yea right, that’s beyond your own control! Lol 

8:56 am: Queen: Well I will be patient and wait then. I know your schedule is full and things can pop up unexpectedly. 

8:57 am: Queen: Lol Well you might be the one falling in love if we went.☺ I’m Just Saying… 

8:58 am: Queen: Don’t think you the only one who got skills lol 

9:08 am: Richard: Oh Snap! Lol 

9:08 am Queen: Lol 


Incoming Call: Big Daddy 

When the phone rang, I was caught off guard. Richard aka Big Daddy was not known for calling me, because he was a texter.  Immediately my heart began to pound, and my armpits started to tingle on the verge of sweating where I knew I would have to change my shirt and possibly my panties when I was done with this phone call. 

    “Hello”… I said trying to sound all soft and sexy without trying not to sound nervous and wondering why the hell are you calling me.  “Hey pretty lady did I catch you at a bad time, you sound like you was sleeping,” he said.  “No” I smiled and said while sitting up straighter in my bed. I had the biggest grin on my face like I was a little kid who just won a bag full of candy.  “What’s going on with you,” I asked.  “Nothing much on the road as usual,” Rich said.  “I just got off the bus to stretch my legs and figured I give you a call before I get back on.”  “Well, that was very sweet of you.  I wanted to hear your voice, but I don’t know when it may be the right time to call, so I don’t call. I don’t want to interrupt you, you know,” I replied.  “Yea that’s completely understandable,” Rich said.  “My schedule is crazy, and I am either on the stage, sleep or on the road. One city to the next.”  Richard then began talking to someone in the background. “Yo, what’s up coffee? Oh, are they loading backup now? Okay, I’m on the way. Well, Queen, they are loading backup now, but I just wanted to call and hear your beautiful voice” he said. I then laughed and said, “his name is Coffee?”  Richard then chuckled and said “yea, I call him that because that’s all that man drink. Every time I see him, he got a cup of coffee in his hand.” I then laughed with a cute little giggle without trying to laugh out loud directly into the phone as I do with my homegirls.  Richard then said, “I will hit you up a little later. I might not be able to text you while on I’m the bus because folk is nosey, but you will hear from me; I’m about to go ahead and hop back on.”  “Okay, Goodnight sweetie,” I said smiling through the phone. “Goodnight Beautiful,” Richard said.    



10:35 pm Queen: How’s your day going? 

10:38 pm Richard: Sends YouTube video of someone butchering one of the songs he wrote. 

10:41 pm Queen: Lmbooooo Omg the ultimate FAIL lol he said he is about to make up his own lyrics! Forget a note, key.  I’m about to freestyle this Bih! 

10:43 pm Richard: Exactly! The sad part is, he thought he was killing it.  LOL 

10:44 pm Queen:  Yea he killed it alright! He demolished the entire audience eardrums as soon as the first off note came out his wide mouth. 

10:46 pm Richard: I know right! Lmao, My speakers will never be the same after playing this fool through them. 

10:47 pm: Queen: LOL 

11:16 pm Queen: Can you rub my back when I see you? Its been hurting badly on the right side for the past few weeks. 

11:18 pm Richard: Of course, right before you get me lol 

11:18 pm Richard: Bus… 

11:18 pm Queen: I got you big daddy xoxo thank you 


8:32 am Queen: Hey BD! 

8:36 am Queen: I’m just making sure you still want me to come to see you before I start getting myself together. I think I have a few hours left to cancel, and I want to check with you again first before I start getting ready to head that way. 

8:52 am Richard: Hey we good Q! 

8:52 am Queen: Cool! I’ll be there then. 

9:06 am Richard: OK 


8:31 am Richard: Is it worth coming? 

8:31 am Richard: Sends attachment of tour itinerary for Florence, SC. with check in check out times for hotel. 

8:32 am Richard: We’re in and out here, we won’t have rooms it’s so short! Didn’t realize we left after the show. 

8:33 am Richard: Well I guess we do have rooms…my bad 

9:39 am Queen: Lol I’m sorry I’m confused 

9:40 am Queen: So will you be staying in Savannah overnight? 

9:44 am Queen: That looks like the itinerary info for Florence. 

11:01 am Richard: Oops! Hold on lol 

11:03 am Queen: Lol Ok 

As soon I saw these messages my woman’s intuition started kicking in.  Who the hell is he trying to see if Florence, SC? Like really, does he plans on fucking me and a slew of other chicks while he is on this national tour?  My brain was going a million miles a minute. Maybe this is a sign he is a hoe, and I should not be going to spend my money to see him.  Something was telling me he meant to send these messages to another heffa, but I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and trust him.  I don’t want to look insecure, but at the same time, I don’t want to look like a fool at the end of the day.  I decided to leave it alone and wait till he texted me back. 

2:49 pm Richard: So, you’re coming to Savannah? 

2:49 pm Queen: Yes sir 

2:50 pm Queen: Is that cool? 

2:40 pm Queen: I should be there tomorrow afternoon 

2:52 pm Richard: OK yes 

2:53 pm Queen: Do you know if you will be staying over or you must leave right after the show? 

5:08 pm Richard: Prob flies out the next am, early… 

5:10 pm Queen:  Ok, Cool. 


2:52 pm Richard: We just got checked in… You good? 

2:54 pm Queen: Yep! Out walking and taking pictures. 

2:54 pm: Queen: I checked in too. Really nice hotel. 

2:55 pm Richard: Ok lol cool 

2:55pm Richard: #Touristmode 

2:55 pm Richard: Send the address 

2:55 pm Richard: I’ll just come after we’re done doing sound check. 

2:56 pm Queen: But I'm not dressed yet lol 

2:56 pm Richard: All good… We will be working till later. 

2:56 pm Richard: Sends a copy of Savannah Itinerary with check-in, show start and end times. 

2:57 pm Richard: Not much time in between… Without watching the clock like crazy 

2:58 pm Queen: Okay.  (Sends a picture of hotel address.) 

2:58 pm Queen: Can you give me an hour’s notice before you come? lol 

2:58 pm Richard: Of Course! 

3:00 pm Queen: Well why don’t you come after the show? 

3:00 pm Richard: Got Jack & Coke? 

3:00 pm Richard: That’s what I mean… after the show. 

3:01 pm Queen: Okay. Not yet. I was going to pick that up in a few. 

3:01 pm Richard: Oh Ok. 

3:01 pm Richard: Make sure we’re protected too… lol #magnums 

3:02 pm Queen: Ughhhhh we will talk about that when you come. 

3:02 pm Richard: Uh Oh lol 

3:03 pm Richard: What’s your way of protection? 

3:03 pm Queen: I already talked to you about this sweetie.  I’m celibate. 

3:06 pm Queen: I’ll do something else for you… 

3:08 pm Richard: Yea I know 

3:13 pm Queen: Okay. I got you 

3:13 pm Richard: xoxo & I you 

The night Rich and I were first alone is a night I will never forget.  I had booked a hotel room, and at one of the most beautiful hotels, I had ever seen in Savannah.  It cost me a pretty penny, but it was worth every dime.  I wanted it to be special, and I wanted to set the mood just right especially for it being his first-time laying eyes on me in person. The room was romantic. It had lights that you could control up and down to dim it. It had a big deep soaking tub that had a wooden wall that you could open to view the entire bedroom.  They even had a beautiful King Size bed with an elegant white hand carved headboard.  All of the furniture was wooden, and the paintings on the wall were exquisite.  When I say that the room was nice, it was nice! I mainly picked the room because of the tub.  I had promised Rich I was going to give him a nice bath and massage when he came.  I wanted to treat him like a King because that’s what I saw him as in my eyes.  I had bought an all-black dress to wear that showed off my figure. It exposed my shoulders and legs, and fit oh so tightly around my body. I love my shoulders and collarbone, so I decided to show them off with class. I sprayed on my best perfume, straightened out my hair, and touched up my makeup. 


10:38 pm Richard: Hour heads up 

10:49 pm Richard: Showering 

10:49 pm Queen: Ok 

11:19 pm Richard On my way! 

11:19 pm Richard: Room? 

11:19 pm Queen: 222 

11:20 pm Queen: You have to tell the guy at the desk that you are here to visit room 222 and give them your name. I left it at the desk. 

11:20pm Richard: Ok



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