What better place to start than the present?

What better place to start than the present? You’re holding your breath again. You’re smiling because you know I’m right. Now, are you going to continue writing? 


Very good. We have a long ride ahead of us until we get there, so as I said earlier let’s begin. I feel your chest is tight so take some deep breaths in and out. 

(Breaths in and out slowly)

Perfect. There you go. I need you to relax so you can listen to me. You’re still tensed about what I revealed to you earlier huh? 




(Bus intercom - Princeton Lakes Pkwy) 

(Loud noise-bus runs over a bump in the road.) 

Tiffany Jumps. -scared of loud noises 

(Loud country lady boards bus talking and laughing to bus driver. Goes to seat) 

(Bus Intercom-Camp creek Parkway) 

So much for our alone time, but I still want to talk to you. Do you believe what I revealed to you earlier? About how I was sent to you? 


How do you feel about it? 

(Loud black man with McDonald's shirt boards bus talking and laughing loud.)

It’s hard for you to speak on here with all these distractions. It’s irritating me because I want some time to talk but this is not the best place as I can see. 

(Two black men board bus laughing, but not as loud. Both with dreads wearing hats. Red and black shirts. Walk to the back of the bus.) 

(Bus intercom-Camp creek Pkwy) 

It’s okay. I need to talk.

Are sure? I can wait if you want. 

Yes. I’m sure. 

(Pause of silence. Tiffany begins to shake her right knee nervously) 

You’re shaking again. 


You don’t have to apologize. I want you to breathe and relax. You don’t have to be afraid. 

I’m not afraid. 

(Bus Intercom-Airport Drive) 

Then what is it? You’re shaking again. 

(Tiffany takes a deep breath to try to relax and stop shaking) 

I don’t know. I guess I’m anxious or nervous. Maybe a little on edge about everything. 

(Bus Intercom - Roosevelt Hwy Route 189) 

I mean everything you’re saying makes sense. I’m not doubting anything you’re saying now; it’s just ... WEIRD! It’s CRAZY! 

What did I tell you in the video you watched last night of me? You think you’re crazy and you’re not! You’re shaking again. 


Stop saying sorry. 

(College Park station) 

Why does it feel like I’m lost? 

You’re not lost. You just missed your train. Find a place to sit down so you can find out where you’re going. 

Okay so you’re going to five points, go westbound to Hamilton E. Holmes, then take the 865 to MLK Dr. and there the skating ring will be. 

(Loud Train Horn Noise. Tiffany Jumps. People all around her. She squeezes her hands and together and looks back to see a mother yelling at her crying child.) 

Get on the train. 

(Tiffany turns around and sees a train in front of her, and rushes on and sits. Gets notification from weather channel app lightning struck 5 miles away) 

I wish this girl stop popping this damn gum in my ear. It’s so annoying.

Don’t you love it when you are sitting in between two people, and they are having a conversation, and you have to sit there and suffer through it? 


Would you rather hear them or me? 



You’re staring at those dark clouds over the city. 

("It’s about to pour the fuck down," a lady says next to Tiffany) 

(Lady next to her agrees) 

(Tiffany looks out at Mercedes Benz stadium and sees dark clouds over it.) 

You don’t have to be afraid. Breath. Your head is getting tight. 

(5 points is your next station. for elevator access, please exit off of the left side of the train. ) 

Get off. 

Remember Westbound. 

You made it. 

It’s a lot of people. I don’t like crowds. 

You won’t be on the train long. Six stops. It will be here in 11 minutes. Hopefully, most of these people will be getting on the Indian Creek train

I feel bad I didn’t get him a birthday gift. 

You get him one next week when you get paid. Trust me; you’ve done right by them in the past. They will understand. She will be more happy that you are there. 


See look at that. All them negroes were going to Indian Creek! Look at God. Won’t he part the Black Sea? 

You know what? (Smiling) 


Please be good at this party. I don’t need you making me laugh, and having me embarrassing myself

I’m not making any promises. You know if I see something crazy I’m pointing it out. You know me. 

Yes, I do, and you know my face. I can’t hide anything on my face. So please, don’t say anything okay. I wish to have a normal night.

Tiffany, nothing about your life is normal. 

(Tiffany shakes arm and slaps head trying to swat something on her) 

Smokey there is nothing on you! 

Whatever just let me  

(Incoming call from Mommy) 

"Your best friend lightning out there. You two be careful!" 

Thanks mom! (ends call) 

She knows you hate lightning. Nice of her to be concerned. (smirks at Tiffany)

Very funny.  She's part of the reason you're... 

(Lady opens strawberry Fanta soda next to Tiffany, and it sprays out on the floor) 

(Tiffany kicks her leg to the side) 

(It didn’t hit you did it?) 

No, I’m okay. 

Breath Baby. Breath. Your chest is tight again. 

(Breaths in and out) 

("That’s my dog," "That’s my dog" (music) )

("Next station is Hamilton E. Holmes (intercom))

Babe don’t let them rush you down the stairs. Take your time. Let them go around you. 

I am. I’m not trying to trip up and fall. 

There’s the sign for the buses. We’re looking for the 865. There’s the sign, but it’s not there yet. Just wait over there until it comes. Here comes the 856. Ask this bus driver to make sure the 865 is the one that takes you to the skating ring. 

Excuse me sir is the 865 bus the one that goes to the skating ring on MLK? 

You want to get on the 73 on over there. 

Okay, thank you. 

The 73? I thought it was the 865?

Me too. We’ll look at it when we get on

Excuse me sir, does this bus go to the skating ring? 

Yes, it does. 

Okay, thank you. 

Look at your screenshot for the directions. 

You didn’t put the train station. You put the street name Hamilton E Holmes Lol 

You know what? 

What? It wasn’t my fault. 

You suppose to be here to help me! 

I am lol. I told you to ask the bus driver. Thank God we did. Ain't no telling where we were headed lol 

Are you paying attention? 


I made it! 

Thank the lord 

(Hears Thunder) 

Please don’t make me laugh. 

Girl gets inside. 

(Text: 6:09pm) 

I love you 💕 Thank you for inviting me. I needed it. I was happy to see everybody. 

She had tears in her eyes when she saw you. 

I know. She’s been through a lot the past month. 

(The next station is Ashby Station(Intercom)) 

It's still bothering you that you couldn’t be there for her last weekend. 


We’ve talked about this before. You’re not in the position to be Wonder Woman anymore. You’re not strong enough. 

I’m not trying to be Wonder Woman. I’m trying to be her Bestfriend.

(This is Vine City Station) 



Do you know where you are? Are you paying attention? 


Look around.  You need to get off at 5 points 

I’m at the Dome. Phipps. 

(Next Station is 5 points) 

You have to pay attention when you’re traveling. You know you can get lost and forget where you are. Get off. Go Southbound 

South is blocked 

What do I do? 

Ask her? 

Excuse me, ma’am, I’m trying to go Southbound, but it’s blocked. 

Take the Eastbound entrance and go downstairs to southbound. 

Thank you. 

Go, babe. Be careful, down the stairs. Hold on. 

There’s the train. 

Hurry. Don’t miss it. 

There’s an empty seat there. 

Your heart is racing. Deep breaths. 

(Breaths in, Breaths out) 

You made it. 

Yea I did. 

(Text 6:18 pm) 


Love you too! Thank you so much for coming!! 💜 

You love her, don’t you? 


Even after everything she did, you still want to be there for her. 


(Tiffany Looks up, East Point) 

(This train is bound for Airport Station(Intercom)) 

That’s why I’m in love with you. Because of your heart. 

You’re always thinking of others. Now if I can get you to love yourself, we may get you to go somewhere further. 

(This stop is College Park Station(Intercom)) 

Come on sweetie. This is our stop for right now. 

(This train is bound for Airport Station(Intercom))



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