Cherish what you hate!

Right now I am doing my morning meditation and prayer.  I am wearing a pink nightgown that has my arms, back, and cleavage exposed.  As I was praying and meditating, I began to touch my arms.  I have always been insecure about my arms — the reason why is because they are really large and I have a lot of fat and skin hanging from them.  The left arm is the worst because the skin folds over with a crease when my arms are hanging down.  As I am writing this, I am trying to stop myself from crying, but it is challenging because I wish my arms were toned and slimmer.  I feel so insecure about them and not pretty when I wear sleeveless shirts.  I don't even like to raise my arms or wave at people because they jiggle and shake so badly.  I typically wear jackets or long sleeve shirts even when it is hot as hell outside, and I live in Hotlanta! I have been trying to work with my counselor Mrs. Crimson to try and help me become more confident about myself, and still love me even with the arms I have now.  She explained to me how they look now is just temporary.  They will become more toned and defined as I continue to exercise.  I must continue to love and embrace me, even with the arms I have.  I still have to cherish every inch of me and work on the things I want to improve.  

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