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Queen Tiffany Rose Foundation Inc. is a business I am very proud of. I started this foundation on April 4, 2016. Initially, I started as a YouTube blogger promoting healthy living and mental health by sharing my struggles and victories to thousands of viewers around the world. I realized I could help individuals to reflect on their own lives and begin making positive changes to live a healthier life and finding happiness within. I wanted to be transparent with my own life in order for other individuals who share similar struggles regarding weight loss and mental illness have someone they could relate to. In 2014 I weighed over 300 pounds, and I was struggling with depression ever since I was a teenager. With the help of doctors and nutritionists, I was able to lose almost 100 pounds within two years. Once I had lost the weight, my confidence began to increase, and I was feeling the best I ever felt in my life. I had earned my second degree, a Masters in Business Management and Science, and I was ready to take off starting my very own foundation. I was so excited to share my weight loss story with the world, and I wanted to help individuals to believe in achieving their weight loss goal. However, following my graduation in 2016, my life began to decline slowly, and depression started to creep its way back into my life. For the next two years, I was suffering from the grief of lost relatives and friends, a broken heart from an ended relationship, and having to care for my mother, who was disabled. The weight began to come back on, and I found myself right back in that dark place I fought so hard to get out of. My employer, Apple Inc., a company I had fallen so in love with, was kind enough to allow me to take leave to attend to my mental health. After seeking therapy and visiting various psychiatrists across the country, I eventually was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. After being on the Dean’s List earning a bachelors from an HBCU, a master’s degree in business, losing 100 pounds, starting not only my foundation but also helping my brother start his as well, I ended up being diagnosed with a mental illness. As smart and as brilliant as I was, the very mind that got me at the top of my class was ill. I have always been the tech-savvy computer go-to person, but I had gotten to a point where I could no longer sit behind a computer without falling apart. These occurrences caused me to fall into a deeper depression because I was losing control of my life. I wanted to give up and call it quits because I could no longer use my critical thinking to solve complicated issues. Everything was a blur, and I could not handle stress at any degree. It got to the point where I could only find myself coloring in a coloring book that was given to me by a therapist. I had admired art by going to museums, but I wasn’t an artist. I wasn’t artistic in any way, but somehow, I found peace in coloring. My therapist introduced me to Art Therapy, which saved my life. It brought me peace in a mind that was full of stress, anxiety, and pain. I fell in love with colors, and I began to use paint to express my emotions instead of swallowing them as I had done most of my life. I was never one to verbally express my feelings. I was more comfortable writing them down in a journal, which I learned was a part of Art Therapy. I did not have to be the next Picasso to pick up a paintbrush. I could paint whatever I wanted without fear of judgment. I could tell my story on sheets of paper with words; I could tell it using the stroke of a paintbrush, or a crayon in a coloring book. It didn’t matter how I did it. As long as I found my voice, and I was using it to get my emotions out, instead of trapped in my racing thoughts. After using Art Therapy to help cope with my mental health, I decided I wanted to share what I had learned with others who had mental health disabilities. I knew what it was like to battle your mind and feeling alone in a room full of people. I knew what it was like when it feels like your heart is about to burst out of chest because your anxiety has gotten so high it triggers a panic attack. I knew what it was like one minute being on a graduation stage and the next minute in a mental hospital because of suicidal thoughts. I realized I wanted to not only help myself overcome this struggle; I wanted to help others as well. I wanted to bring Art Therapy to the young and the elders so they would have a way to cope with their battles with mental illness. That there is a way to find joy in creating art without having to be an amazing artist. There is a way to have a voice and being free to express yourself. Not everyone has the privilege to go into a treatment center as I did and be introduced to different ways to cope with their mental illness. For this reason is why I created Queen Tiffany Rose Foundation, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for those who are underprivileged with physical, cognitive, or emotional challenges through the therapeutic use of art. We promote healing and wellness through the use of art therapy.

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