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(VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED) WARNING! There are the sounds of (gunshots) in this video for those who have a sensitivity to this. This happens between 12:00-13:00. You can skip this part for your comfort. In this video, I do an intro with a dramatization of how over compromising and taking things you do do not deserve can cause you to make horrific decisions. In this video, I discuss how emotional eating can be trigger by a toxic environment, people, and stress. I also give some fantastic motivation to get you back up and moving again!

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Hi! I'm Tiffany Rose! Welcome and make yourself at home! Here you will find healthy recipes, exercise tips, weight loss stories, and even awesome music selections to help you get moving. December 2014 I weighed in at 285 pounds and decided to make a life changing decision to live a healthier lifestyle. On this site I will share my personal journey with losing weight, keeping the weight off, and not only transforming my body, but also my spirit. In between sharing recipes and exercise tips,  you'll notice I will share personal thoughts that inspire me or cause me to reflect on this journey of change. I do hope they inspire you, make you cry, laugh, and also reflect on your own health journey. I do hope you'll stay awhile, work out with me, cook up some amazing dishes together, and share your experiences on becoming a new you.  I am so excited and thrilled you are here.
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